February 6, 2013

Living Economics: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Peter J. Boettke
  • Dalibor Rohac

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Gary Becker said that ‘economics was not a game played by clever academics, but a serious subject that helped us understand the real world we live in’. Peter J. Boettke, professor of economics at George Mason University, embodies that dictum better than anyone. Over the years, he has almost single-handedly resurrected Austrian economics as a living body of scholarship and raised a new generation of scholars who are conversant in the technical tools of modern economics and who also appreciate the insights of Hayek, Mises and Buchanan.

Living Economics is a collection of essays, both new and old, which speak about Peter's ongoing relationship with economics both as a scholar and as a teacher. The book starts with several chapters dedicated to teaching economics, followed by essays focused on Peter's intellectual influences, and concludes with five chapters about the practice of economics both in academia and in the real world.

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