May, 2015

The Future Legacy of Public Choice

Gordon Tullock 1922-2014
  • Zachary Gochenour

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Gordon Tullock worked at many schools and on several continents over his long and illustrious career, but nowhere is his impact felt and presence missed more than at George Mason University, where I did my graduate work. In faculty offices there, nearly everyone has their favorite Tullock story. There he is remembered for his wit, often in the form of memorable insults; as colleague Alex Tabarrrok mused in a memorial, "In my profession, not to have been insulted by Gordon is to be a nobody." He is also remembered for the generosity he showed his colleagues with his time and insight. His work is assigned in more graduate courses than not, often carrying names of fields he was a seminal author in Law and Economics, Constitutional Political Economy, and of course Public Choice. 

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