February, 2011

Employing ‘Dominetrics’ to Impose Greater Discipline on Performance Rankings

  • Scott Beaulier

    Academic Dean, College of Business at North Dakota State University
  • Robert Elder

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Importing the methodology of Cherchye and Vermeulen (2006), the authors discuss the many ways ‘‘dominetrics’’ can measure performance. They then apply the approach to National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I men’s basketball rankings. The ordinal approach they take removes some subjectivity from the Rating Percentage Index (RPI). Just as Pareto relationships are obtained without subjective cardinal weighting schemes, the dominance relationships applied here eliminate the subjectivity of cardinal weighting. Because heated debate inevitably ensues after the NCAA Selection Committee’s announcement of at-large invitees to the NCAA tournament, the subjectivity-minimizing dominetric provides a barometer for evaluating the relative qualities of college basketball teams.

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