March, 2015

Eamonn Butler, Friedrich Hayek: The Ideas and Influence of the Libertarian Economist

  • Tyler Watts

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In this article Tyler Watts reviews Eamonn Butler's efforts to ably summarize the entire corpus of Hayek’s thought into what Watts determines to be a brief and accessible overview. This is quite a feat when one considers that Hayek’s professional career spanned over seven decades, involving major contributions to economics, psychology, philosophy, and politics, with collected works running to 19 volumes. Watts foes on to describe how Butler introduces readers to the core themes and insights of Hayek’s thought in a concise and readable fashion, avoiding both over-simplification and jargon. He maintians that Butler’s ease in conveying the depth and complexity of Hayek’s intellectual program to the modern reader comes as no surprise after a look at Butler’s impressive pedigree. 


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