Ambarish (Amby) Karamchedu

PhD Student, The University of Manchester
Adam Smith Fellow

Ambarish Karamchedu is a 3rd year PhD student in Development Policy and Management at the University of Manchester. His research is on the political economy of groundwater irrigation in South India. Via ethnographic village level fieldwork, he studies farmer level behaviour in groundwater resource governance, studying how they access, manage and control groundwater irrigation. In doing so he tries to envision alternatives to the tragedy of the commons in groundwater. Groundwater systems are installed by the farmer on their private property, and yet the groundwater aquifers are a common pool resource. This distinction between private and public has driven him to explore Ostromian approaches to resource management, on how decentralised management, cooperation and coordination of groundwater can occur more effectively.  Moreover, he also examines how government policy affects decision making in groundwater use, for example the regulation of water use and choice of crops brought about by electricity and crop subsidies. Amby completed his MSc in International Development: Environment, Climate Change and Development at the University of Manchester and BSc in Geography from the University of Glasgow.