Can I apply for a Mercatus Center PhD fellowship before my application to GMU is complete?

Yes.  We accept and review all applications received before our deadline. However, you must ensure that all of your GMU application paperwork has been correctly submitted and received by GMU before their deadlines in order to be accepted into the Mercatus PhD Fellowship Program.

I have written a paper on X. Is this a good choice for the required writing sample?

We utilize the writing sample to examine each applicant’s writing style and ability, grasp of language, and clarity of thought. We are not particularly concerned with the specific content of the sample. Therefore you should choose whichever work you feel will give us the best impression of your skills as a writer.

The Mercatus Center was unable to award me a fellowship this year. Can I apply again?


I have been accepted as a Mercatus Center PhD Fellow. Where should I live?

Mercatus Center PhD fellows generally attend class and attend seminars hosted at GMU’s main campus in Fairfax.

I still have questions about the Mercatus Center PhD Fellowship Program.

General questions about the Fellowship – email PhDFellowship@mercatus.gmu.edu.

Questions about your application status or application materials – email PhDFellowship@mercatus.gmu.edu.

Questions about the Mercatus Center in general or directions – contact Mercatus at (800) 815-5711.

Questions about your application to GMU – Contact the Economics Department at (703) 993-1135